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32-bit or 64-bit for Linux desktop?

Various Linux distros have long been offering both 32- and 64-bit options for download. While traditionally 64-bit was tout as “For more than 4GB of RAM”, those downloads are gradually becoming more common. So I decided to investigate a little deeper into what’s wrong with running 64-bit on smaller systems.

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Web Admin Test – Results

One of my prospects had requested that I pass an exam on Linux/Web administration. After we’ve decided on it I’ve received an invitation from Brainbench.

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SEO-works examples

White-hat SEO is amongst 123Unix!com services. Here are some results of SEO efforts by 123Unix!com: Website: Keywords: стоматолог дарница Result – Position in SERP: №1 of 107,000 Website: Keywords: співоче поле Result – Position in SERP: №1 of 46,600 Website: Keywords: где открыть блог Result – Position in SERP: №7 of 96,700,000 […]

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While revamping 123Unix!com pages I’ve set the whole of to be behind a ht password. The only reason for that was to save stray visitors from confusion of half-written pages at the website. So the password wasn’t particularly strong – just a single character! Still, “real” hackers don’t brute-force passwords any more, they’ve got […]

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