About 123Unix

Unix – The Way to Go

Oddly enough, Unix has been prophesied to quit the IT arena in the light of seeming success of Microsoft Windows server products at the turn of the 21st century. Well, that wasn’t to be.

Unix has celebrated its 40th anniversary (b. 1969). It retains its position as the foundation for corporate networks and for the whole of the Internet.

Further, a sort of Unix called Linux creeps into office desktop space with ever more confidence lately.

123Unix!com Speciality

123Unix!com is all about amending in the following fields to make Unix serve your business better:

  • Unix-based solutions deployment & support for:
    1. Cloud solutions,
    2. Commercial unices (Solaris, AIX, Mac OS X etc),
    3. Free/open source unices (FreeBSD, Linux).
  • Unix & Microsoft Windows integration.
  • Information systems migration between Microsoft Windows & Linux/Unix.
  • Information security.

Whether you need to perform a small adjustment, deploy a new solution or just have a chit-chat  with a Unix pro – make it more rewarding with 123Unix!com. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


My name is Alexander Shcheblikin. I am a Unix veteran from Kiev, Ukraine and I run 123Unix!com. I have earned my Bachelor of Computer Science degree at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Apart from Unix I do some English-Russian interpreting, live audio and a bunch of other things.

In the past I’ve managed to try myself in sales craft (saw timber trade). That was my first serious self-employment. Having seen mixed results out of it I thought I’d better move into computing field which fascinated me since my childhood.

So, my conscious working life has been in IT so far and it’s started with Unix exclusively. At the time (1995), Windows PC’s (let alone servers) were rather a wonder so I almost had no choice but to go with Unix.

The list of clients and partners I’ve been working with includes telcos (Intercom, KDP Farlep), trade marts (Expocenter of Ukraine, Ukrainian House), NASU (Institute of Mathematics Machines and Systems), Ukrainian Internet commerce founder INT.

Having completed projects with academic & commercial institutions helped define reasonable skills of quickly grasping the state of things in many practical settings.

Have you got that truly tricky task to really challenge me?
Bring it on!