Unix Services Overview

Unix & Linux systems application is commonly associated with the unique flexibility. It’s never a “boxed” solution. →
→ Therefore, every advice or work is customized according to specific client’s needs.

Linux/Unix Services and Fees

123Unix!com is mainly focused on helping businesses with their own IT departments, deploying and/or running Unix-based solutions. Those are Information Systems of medium size or larger.

There is also an introductory offer for those on a tight IT-budget → Unix/Linux Phone consultation.

Due to the vast diversity of setups being serviced and issues being addressed fees
are determined individually based upon complexity & capacity of the job.

Here are the reference price ranges:

Web-site Start-up Consulting

Key planning for web-site design, launch and further development. This also includes accounting for accompanying properties of effective web-presence.

This service is provided as a one-time phone consultation. If need be you may choose to get extended servicing like with Unix (see above).


English-Russian-Ukrainian interpretation & simultaneous translation – from near-native English speakers.