Web Admin Test – Results

One of my prospects had requested that I pass an exam on Linux/Web administration. After we’ve decided on it I’ve received an invitation from Brainbench.

The Results – the original email from Brainbench to their client and my prospect – follows. But first, some comments of mine.

To tell you the truth, I’m not especially satisfied with it, thou the prospect thinks it was not bad.

The Linux part of the test has shown the worst result of the 5 test units. Might be the lack of Linux-specific recent hands-on experience? Anyway, it was enough to award me the “Master” qualification in Linux.

Then, the English Reading Comprehension test. The test texts were so simple it was almost funny. Can’t really understand why I didn’t score the highest mark. Still, I finished in the Top 4 out of 137 examinees in this particular project.

Mathematical Problem-Solving & Analytical Reasoning are probably just different levels of the same test – on Mathematics. I liked one particular mathematical problem:

Scenario There is a clock which is old enough to be so “slow,” that it loses 9 minutes every hour.
Question Suppose the clock mentioned above happens to be showing correct time at noon on Monday. When is it going to be “on time” next time?

– this problem had to be solved in 180 seconds.

It was nice to see that according to one of the units of the exam I am the best Web Server Administrator out of all people assessed by this employer. Sorta a sweetener in the whole examination chore.

So, here are my official Web Admin test Results.

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