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32-bit or 64-bit for Linux desktop?

Various Linux distros have long been offering both 32- and 64-bit options for download. While traditionally 64-bit was tout as “For more than 4GB of RAM”, those downloads are gradually becoming more common. So I decided to investigate a little deeper into what’s wrong with running 64-bit on smaller systems.

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Poor symlinks at DreamHost

DreamHost has once again introduced changes (Apache upgrade?) to symlink handling.

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Strip HTML in mutt

A quick fix for conveniently reading (and replying to) HTML MIME emails in mutt mail agent.

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dataserv.exe: energy hog #1 from APC, not so “green”

This service from APC is supposed to take care of calculating energy usage. The irony of this all is that this process holds one of the top positions in CPU hogs list. Take a look: it takes more CPU cycles than many of the most demanding processes in the system – virtual machines. (In other […]

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