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“Scripting” is not sloppy “programming”

Every time I need to mention some automation development work while talking to a client, I find myself overly watchful not to say the words “scripting” or “script” excessively. That’s how much of “sloppiness” is felt to be connotative to those terms in the public opinion. Ergo, you can see how glad I was to […]

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Shortest monitoring script on earth

Right after I got my quite elaborate Nagios setup running in my local network, I thought to myself “What if my network loses connectivity to the world and my GSM-SMS gateway fails? How am I going to be notified of such a grand disaster?” Well, as usual, a shell one-liner comes to rescue.

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Multiple –exclude options to tar

The tar’s “–exclude=PATTERN” option has always had me perplexed. As this is mostly intended for automation scenarios, I have never paid much attention to this option resorting to its more “pro-batch” variant “–exclude-from FILE”. But today, as I went about making some backups I thought it’s enough, I need to learn how to use this […]

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