Clean up EXIF tags in digital photos with 1-liner

Use the following one-line script to control witch EXIF data to leave in the photos published online:

exiftool -P -overwrite_original -all= -tagsFromFile @ -ExposureTime -MeteringMode -Flash -FocalLength -FocalLengthIn35mmFormat -FocusDistance -VibrationReduction -FocusMode -CreateDate -DateTimeOriginal -ISO -FNumber -UserComment -copyright='(c)2011, Alexander Shcheblikin' -artist='Alexander Shcheblikin' -model="Sasha's DX dSLR" _DSC*jpg

This should all be entered on one line (note: the dashes which hang over the ends of the lines must actually be adjacent to the command line switches following them).

This is a power tool affecting multiple files at once and it will process all the files matching _DSC*jpg pattern in the current directory.

To retain original files remove the -overwrite_original parameter

exiftool is available natively in Linux/UNIX as a Perl library and a front-end script and as a standalone executable for Windows and a package for Mac OS X.

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