123Unix Philosophy

Clients paying for IT consulting, want to know in advance the way their consultant thinks and approaches the issues.

Why Outsource Unix Administration

For an SME entity the system administration work load and complexity is generally low for an experienced Unix administrator.

As a result, small companies are often OK employing a junior or intermediate specialist.

This, however, puts the business at risk in scenarios like performance tuning, reliable backups and disaster recovery – all requiring that extra bit of experience and in-depth knowledge.

Administration Outsourcing relaxes this conflict by tapping the company into the knowledge pool of a senior administrator at a share of the price of employing them full-time.

Exclusive Unix

The power of system integrators and “generic” IT consultants is in the very breadth of their problematic scope. However, when delving deeper into a narrow field like the field of Unix, recommendations often begin to appear ever more superficial. Sometimes a hidden agenda to sell an affiliated product or service may surface.

Unlike common integrators I specialize chiefly in Unix. That’s what I had started in. And that’s what I am good at doing.

High Level Involvement

123Unix!com is a one person enterprise.

Clients cooperate directly with the specialist solving their problems. That gives more transparency and swiftness compared to working with a faceless “integrator”.

At the same time, since this is an enterprise, clients benefit from high level of responsibility of the contractor.


Before I start working on your project I’ll ask questions, learn the most I can and tell you outright if I can be of any help to your business.

If I’ll see 123Unix!com ain’t for you, I’ll say so before you pay anything.

Precious Knowledge

Mastering Unix takes considerable amount of time & efforts even for basic level of proficiency. Advanced Unix topics require all the more.

If Unix has never inspired you a lot, but suddenly you’ve got questions about it, I’ll be glad to share the knowledge I’ve got in-store.

123Unix!com services ain’t cheap. But in return, all of my knowledge is yours when you choose we work together.

Difference between Windows & Unix

From the management standpoint Unix & Windows systems differ fundamentally in the way they store “smarts”.

Windows stores its know-how in the OS while Unix stores its know-how in the user (or in the administrator for that matter).

In simpler words this may be described as a difference between Learning Curves commonly associated with the two systems.

Windows, thanks to its distinctive “shallow” learning curve, allows an administrator to share his attention onto a whole bunch of other technical responsibilities (besides managing OS) which are never scarce in today’s office. Such specialists often make up a core team of an IT department even when the corporate network in question employs one or two Unix-boxes for particular tasks.

Disaster strikes when a moderate task requiring a deeper insight into Unix emerges. Remember, Unix features a “steeper” learning curve? Now, it’s quite natural for a professional Windows admin to get stuck trying to quickly re-tune into Unix way of thinking.

And it’s totally OK to apply for external help in such circumstances. It’ll save time and will facilitate keeping the workflow smooth. Which is good for business.

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