Regular Unix Support

Unix issues may be solved with the help from some fine Unix & Linux forums out there. Also, you might luckily employ a zealous university student as an alternative to an expensive Unix-pro. That’s OK for many organizations, but…

…Apparently, some businesses want more accountability. This is where ongoing Professional 123Unix!com Support comes in handy.

If you’ve liked a one-time consultation from 123Unix!com, this Unix server management outsourcing offer may be the next level of our cooperation. Contracting with a client long-term greatly enhances the opportunity for 123Unix!com to learn client’s business specifics deeper and serve the needs better.

The 123Unix Support offer includes:

  • Guaranteed Response Time: 2 business days (basic option), or as quick as 3 hours – if you really need that.
  • Unlimited number of support incidents.
  • Email access (basic option), or landline telephone access (for very important projects).
  • Local and/or remote system monitoring.
  • Software selection and configuration recommendations.
  • Scaling and performance tuning.
  • Guidance during system and hardware upgrades & migration.
  • Guaranteed number of monthly on-site visits (for advanced projects).


The retaining fees for Regular Unix Support are determined based upon VIP‘ness of options selected (like Email vs. Phone or response promptness) and the number of contact persons (client’s employees) appointed to deal directly with 123Unix!com.
The retainer may range from $500 to $2000 per month per contact person.

Please contact me for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use 123Unix Support?

Corporate and mid-size business users of Unix/Linux who seek optimization of IT staff costs should benefit from the offer the most.

Also, anyone who needs extra help and peace of mind running a Unix installation may consider 123Unix Support as well.

How support works

The main work flow is in the form of Request-Response transactions via Email or telephone.

You present your problem or idea – I make all commercially reasonable efforts to give you a solution.

Over time I’ll learn from our interactions – just like any good admin would – and the work process is streamlined.

What “on-site visit” entails?

I’ll get to your office and meet directly with your admins and programmers for a full day.

A week before the visit, you’ll send me an agenda and/or a list of [Unix related] questions to be covered as I work with your team.

What does “per contact person” mean?

When completing a support contract you will specify a contact person who will be interacting with me. Every additional contact person you may specify adds respectively in support charges.

This pricing model appears to be simpler and more transparent compared to one that charges per number of Unix servers that you are operating or per number of clients they serve.

Think of 123Unix Support as a personal Unix adviser for one of your specialists.

What’s NOT included in the package?

Support for Windows and other non-Unix systems may not be provided, except for the cases of migration & integration to/from/with Unix.

Teaching of basic computer skills is not performed. I assume that you already have a rock-star in-house computer specialist (possibly a good Windows admin or a Windows/Unix developer).

Request a call-back to ask more questions in person, please.