Unix Phone Consultation

Honest Advice in a Limited Time-frame

Traditionally Unix is used by midsized and large businesses, who already know what it is good for. But possibly…

…Your company is just starting out and you are looking for a clear-cut advice before moving forward with your new office or affiliate corporate network deployment?

…You are a seasoned business and looking to optimize licensing costs and technical management by ways of migrating your office from Windows to Linux?

…Somebody told you you need your own website?

Unix is an important part of the IT infrastructure. Get help from a Unix expert ensuring your investment is done right.

Your Linux/Unix Questions Answered

If you feel your system ain’t kicking 100%, I can offer suitable, custom-tailored guidance for a fix.

You can get a One-hour phone consultation for $50.

6 Reasons for a Paid Phone Consultation

Often times prospects contact IT consultants trying to fish out the maximum information within so-called “pre-sales” free consultations with no intention of buying services. As a response many consultants have developed protective measures to protect their knowledge. They give obscure or partial answers to questions being asked.

An hour-long consultation is a handy way to avoid all that and quickly get to know how to move on with your system.

Advantages for ordering a consultation include:

  • Minimal costs: Proficiency in Unix/Linux takes lots of time and effort to gain. The consultation price is a very affordable way of getting access to such a knowledge pool.
  • Quick: A small spend is easy to arrange for – be it a personal or a corporate decision. And help comes within a day or two.
  • No sales talk: You are paying for my time – so I am not going to try to sell you something in a way “free” consultants work.
  • No obscurity: When I get paid for a consultation I am willing to share all of my knowledge – with no vagueness or holding the information back.
  • Custom advice: Our talk is not a lecture. The phone call is going to be concentrated around your specific business or technical goals.
  • Benefits are inevitable: May be your system is running OK. Still a system not needing any improvements or an admin not wanting a useful advice is yet to be seen.

When to Apply for Paid Help

Sample questions and issues worthy of a consultation:

  • Deploying LAN: Unix– or Windows-based?
  • How to protect employees from spam, viruses and other threats and unsolicited communications?
  • How to choose an ISP, or a hosting, email, DNS provider? How to switch from one service provider to another as smooth as possible?
  • LAN or WLAN setup/configuration issues.
  • Information security issues. Intellectual property or licensing questions.
  • What to look for while migrating office from Windows to Linux/Unix? Specific software migration considerations.
  • Question about upgrade, scaling and configuration of hardware and software. Need help minimizing downtime while doing these things.
  • Will I benefit from employing Unix technology in my situation? Is Unix/Linux for me anyway?

Order a one hour consultation