English-Russian Interpreter

Visiting Kiev, Ukraine?

Whatever it is – business or pleasure travel – we’ve got your interpretation needs covered.

For business: Conference Interpreting across English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. Your conference or congress will be streamlined and go smoothly with quality simultaneous interpretation support.

Pleasure traveler should benefit from Consecutive Interpreting in a foreign territory. Make your sightseeing more educational and dynamic by the aid from a local with fine English pronunciation.

123Unix!com interpreters are distinguished by natural English enunciation which helps reduce fatigue generally associated with interpreter-aided trade shows, conferences, talks and other international collaborative events.

Interpretation Services Fees

The fee for each interpreter assigned for a job is roughly like this:

  • Consecutive Interpreting (sequential interpretation) – $200 per day
  • Conference Interpreting (simultaneous translation) – $250 per day


  1. “Day” is the time (up to 8 hours) the interpreter is at the disposal of the client. This includes lunch breaks.
  2. The actual fee may be adjusted according to working conditions.
  3. Transportation & accommodation expenses are to be incurred by the client in order to receive services outside the city of Kiev.

To check for interpreter availability and to get more details, please make an inquiry. We usually answer all requests before the end of business day.